Stagger moves isn't learned

So I got in to the school and got myself a crappy stagger deck.
I think they said we can learn those moves by using it.
I ran around and kill a bunch (it's really hard because this deck kinda sucks) but when i checked, Those moves's progress haven't changed.
I just want to know exactly how to learn those moves


  • I'm not sure about learning the moves from application, but I do know you can learn many of the moves in the stagger style from fighting Jinn Mesca (the one you had to beat to get into the school).

    Just block and dodge his attacks to gain progress towards learning them, the learning moves pretty fast. Also, an f.y.i. - if you die while fighting him or run away you will lose any progress you had gained that session.

  • I milked that guy so much today. I got the majority of them moves but there are still a few moves he rarely display so I'm nowhere near complete the stagger moves. I hope there's a better way of "grinding" moves like this
  • I believe if you use the stagger deck while in Combat Trials it should contribute to your progress in the school, and thus learning the moves, however, I've not done this myself.
  • Just did some serious playtesting and while grinding Jinn certainly allowed me to start unlocking a few of the Stagger Style moves, I didn't see any increase in XP for any of the deck while using it in Combat Trials.
  • If you use the Stagger style's special abilities a circle pops up. I think this means that when it's full you'll unlock every move. Can't confirm though, that circle fills up very slowly.
  • I can deny that claim. The Stagger Style XP circle fills up and once full it allows you to use the Stagger Style even if you are not a part of Rakkio's school. However, it does not unlock any of the Combat Deck for you to start experimenting with the style. I believe the Mentor of the school is the one who sets the School Combat Decks, and is the only one who is able to alter the combos. But I haven't progressed far enough in the Combat Trials to test that as a Mentor myself.

    So far, the best training method has been making friends with another Stagger Style user and sparring relentlessly. I still haven't fully unlocked any of the Stagger Style moves, but it's much more effective than grinding Jinn Mesca. I've also noticed a new influx of regular NPCs in the various maps using the Stagger Style moveset as well, so it's out there in the world now!

    Happy Absolving, ya'll.
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