Absolver 1.13 Update

Hi everyone!

We’ve pushed the 1.13 update to PC (Steam & GOG), PS4 version will be up shortly. There are a lot of changes in terms of gameplay in this version of Absolver, below you will find detailed explanations on these updates. The patch notes can be found at the bottom of the post.

New Game Details

First of all we wanted to shed some light on how some systems work in Absolver.
In the attributes panel, you can now see how your Combat Style bonuses impact your attribute points. It will make it easier for you to manage your attribute points and see where the soft caps start.


We also added a detailed version of each attack’s parameters and you can access in the attacks list panel. It features values such as range, impact on guard, stamina cost, advantage frames on hit (in gold link), etc.
We hope you’ll like it.


Gameplay Updates

Now in terms of gameplay changes, we focused on allowing more viable options to the builds you create.

Firstly, we reduced the Combat Style attribute bonuses. They were too high and did not allow you to make really meaningful choices. Now, having 2 attributes at max value will have a strong impact on the other ones.
We also increased the number of attacks having damage scaling to have strength, dexterity, and mobility become more viable attributes.

Secondly, we balanced most of the attacks. Keep in mind that because attacks can be used in different contexts (before or after any attack, with different combat styles, etc.), we need to take into account the whole roster of attacks to balance them properly. So when we work on balancing, it can impact all the attacks.

Other important point: we have fixed a nasty bug that sped up 17 attacks (including Back Tripped Kick, Double Fist Stretch and Grab Punch) and slowed down 17 others (like Spinning Wide Hook and Collar Chop) under specific conditions linked to absorb.

The main change is that we now define the gold link release value specifically for all attacks (previously it was set depending on the attack damage), and as such, we nerfed the gold link release value of fast avoid attacks and most of the fast sword attacks.
Fast avoid attacks, like Jumped Light Kick or Back Tripped Kick, were overused compared to normal fast attacks. By impacting their release value we hope to fix this. For info, their damage and damage scaling ability were already lower than normal attacks.
We applied the same kind of gold link adjustment to fast sword attacks to slowdown the pacing of the sword a bit and allow more predictability.
As a consequence, damage computation does not take the normal release in account anymore, but the gold link one. This change affects all the attacks.
For instance, Stagger Style attacks such as Hadrunken, Handstand Kick, and Donkey Slap have lost 10-15% of their damage, and attacks such as Cross Punch, Pulmonary Palm, Bending Palm have gained 10% of damage.

Thirdly, we made a move towards creating more combat variety by making the weapons more reliable.
We increased the durability & disarm gauge of all weapons as well as the disarm regen overtime when you are holding the weapon. This means that weapons will break less, and it will be harder to disarm opponents. On top of that, folding back your weapon now gives you back an amount of shards depending on the shard cost of the weapon and its current durability ratio.
We think that these changes will create more strategy around sheathing and getting back a lost weapon.

Lastly, we worked on balancing Combat Styles.
The datas we have show that Kahlt users have the biggest win ratio (59%), followed by Forsaken (51%), Windfall (47%), and then Stagger (42%).
We decided to try out some changes until we extract and analyze more detailed datas (skill rating, combat deck, etc.).


We added a bonus effect lasting 5s when a Stagger character avoids an attack with any avoiding attack (including its own special attacks). This bonus effect gives “stamina regen x1.2”, “actions stamina cost x0.8”, and is stackable (similarly to the bonus effect given by the Kahlt absorb).
We also increased the “stun on hit” of the stagger special attacks, and a little bit of their range.


We increased the stamina gain on avoid successfull (35 -> 40), and the slowdown when avoided.


We added freeze frames (6 frames) on the attacker when “absorbed”. After the freeze frames, the attacker can still perform a gold link attack. It’s a slight buff against fast light attacks but will have no real impact on medium/strong attacks.
In return, these freeze frames force the Kahlt player to perform his ability twice against double-hit attacks.
We also doubled the stamina cost of the absorb ability (5 -> 10)

That’s it for balancing.
Besides that, we increased the impact of every attacks on guard to lessen “turtle-strategy” behaviours.

Thank you for your support, and please let us know what you think of these changes!

1.13 Update Patch Note


New content

  • Added new 3v3 intro and outro animations, specific to combat style
  • Level Design modifications on the Oratian Quarters map
  • AFK feature: inactive players are warned, then kicked from 1v1 and 3v3 games after 60 seconds.


  • [SFX] Debug on intro music
  • [SFX] Various tweaks on music and SFX events
  • [Gameplay] Debug on timer notification for extra time
  • [Gameplay] Debug on 3v3 maps: invisible walls should not occur anymore
  • [UI] Fixed issue where points gauges would not update when joining an active game


Design Updates


  • Add stamina regen bonus (x1.2) & actions stamina cost (x0.8) during 5s when avoid with an attack.
  • Increase range & stun of stagger special attacks

Windfall Avoid:

  • Increase stamina gain (35 → 40)
  • Slowdown increased when avoided

Kahlt Absorb:

  • Add freeze frames (6) on attacker
  • Increase stamina cost (5 → 10)


  • Increase stun 20 → 30
  • Decrease knockback when blocked 168 → 100cm
  • Remove stamina instant bonus
  • Decrease stamina regen bonus


  • Combat Style attribute bonuses have been decreased & attack damage scaling increased
  • Increase weapons durability & disarm gauge. Give back amount of shards when sheath weapon

Balancing on all attacks:

  • Gold link release set specifically per attack
  • Damage take in account this release
  • Grab Punch: start-up increased 19 → 21
  • Breaking attacks: increase knockback when blocked
  • Charging attacks: decrease damage and damage scaling
  • Increase slightly impact on stamina when guarding
  • Dodge anti-spam: increase release 13 → 16 (no changes when cancelled by attack or special ability)


  • [Gameplay] Fixed a bug where some attacks had a faster startup than expected after absorbing a hit (including Grab Punch and Back Tripped Kick)
  • [Gameplay] Fixed a bug where Donkey Slap 2nd hit does not connect after absorbing a hit
  • [Gameplay] Fixed Twist Parry Strike active frames
  • [Gameplay] Fixed parry direction for Twist Hips Slash and Parry Slash
  • [Gameplay] Set the target on middle for Spiral Palm
  • [Gameplay] Moved the startup visual feedback on the other arm for Collar Chop
  • [Dye] Various debug on dye issues with some cloaks and undertops
  • [Text] Various text typos fixes in English language
  • [SFX] Various tweaks on music and SFX events in the World and cutscenes
  • [UI] Debug on picto issues
  • [Menu] Essence Shop: Fixed a warglove issue in the shop: Barbarian War Gloves are now available
  • [1v1] Fixed a bug occuring when the user score was not reset after matchmaking with a different opponent
  • [Gear] Fixed a bug where the Tear Chief Undertop would have better stats when broken compared to repaired


  • The Attribute panel has been updated
  • Menu: The Credit menu has been updated
  • Dye Menu: The Dye menu layout has been updated
  • Attacks’ advanced details have been added
  • We updated the error message displayed when a player can’t get online. If the issue happens to you, please send an email to support_pc@sloclap.com or support_ps4@sloclap.com (depending on your platform) with the error code you have, we’ll look into it